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Rezepte Suchergebnisse

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Herb Wrapped Loin of Venison Carrot and Exotic Ginger Puree, Hazelnut Potato Dumplings, Brussels Sprouts and Sour Cherry Juice
Kai Lermen

Roast Duck, with White Peach Coulis and Hazelnut Pepper Bonbons
Dominique Tougne

Lightly smoked squab, Celriac and Hazelnut Purée, Pommes Amandine Potatoes, Albufera Sauce
Julien Binz

Soft Chocolate Nougat with Hazelnut
Per Olsson

Creamy hazelnut lolly
David Ducamp

Apricot Paris-Brest
David Ducamp

Berriolette Millefeuille
David Ducamp

Inspired by the Wonders of Nature; A Volcanic Landscape, Chocolate, Ratafia, Buckwheat, Spices and Dried Fruits
Fina Puigdevall

Fromage Blanc, Pine nuts and Fruit Coulants

Funky Quince
Marike Van Beurden

Chocolate balloon
Richard Van Oostenbruggen

Mandarin and Blood orange with Hazelnut
Viktor Örn Andresson